AI electronic module platform

Our new series of electronic modules called mBuild is compact but powerful, and easy to use. It includes over 60 types of modules, supports infinite combinations, and can be used offline without further programming. Supported by mBlock, mBuild offers a wide range of opportunities to create interesting projects. The diversity of mBuild means that it can meet the needs of beginners, right through to professionals. It facilitates learning the basics of programming, developing advanced projects, teaching AI & IoT, joining robotics competitions and much more.

  • Efficient Connection
  • Smart & Easy
  • AI & IoT
  • Scratch & Python

Bring ideas to life in 3 steps


The ingenious structure design enables quick combinations of electronic modules.


Support block-based programming and
Python coding.


Work with mCreate 3D printer and
Laserbox laser cutter for creative projects.

Ingenious design
for educational scenarios.

Featuring an ingenious structural design, the connecting interface of mBuild can either fasten to standard mechanical parts with M4 screws or stack to the classic building bricks. Compared to the RJ25 series, each mBuild module is up to 30-60% smaller and 50% thinner. All these designs aim to make electronic modules suitable for teaching in classrooms and bring a better creation experience in electronic projects.

  • M4 holes Standard hole size for fastening to mechanical parts
  • Flexible structural design Direct combination of various modules
  • Stud holes for building bricks Standard hole size for interlocking the classic building bricks
  • Insulation design Preventing hardware failure such as short circuits

Built-in MCU
empowers mBuild awesome performance

Each electronic module comes with a microcontroller unit (MCU), which gives it many intelligent features, such as series connection and ready-to-play capabilities.

Infinite combinations¹, infinite creativity

Designed based on the patented ‘Makeblock Neuron Protocol’, mBuild allows electronic modules to connect in series connection without the need to distinguish between input and output interfaces. This means that you can connect over 10 electronic modules without needing an extra extension board when the mainboard has limited ports, making your complex design simple and elegant.

Offline mode — easy to use, ready to invent

mBuild supports offline usage without further programming or connecting to a mainboard. You can achieve robust functionality by directly combining the appropriate modules, for example, create a piano by connecting a Multi-touch module and a Speaker. These features help beginners gain the knowledge and applications of the different modules quickly.

60+ electronic modules²
for AI & IoT education and competitions

mBuild has a wide range of electronic modules, including a Smart Camera, a Humiture Sensor, a Dual RGB Color Sensor, a PIR Sensor, and an MQ2 Gas Sensor, which can meet the needs for AI and IoT education. More electronic modules will soon be available for robotics competitions.

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Both Scratch and Python are supported

Get started coding with Scratch

Compared with other coding software, mBlock has 1.5-3 times³ more building blocks and more understandable programming instructions, making programming easier for beginners.

From Scratch to Python

With mBlock, users can compare code and blocks side-by-side. You can effortlessly write Python with editor features like code completion, syntax highlighting, and auto-indent.


The block-based coding platform loved by 15 million makers, educators, and learners

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Wireless single board computer

Ready for MakeX Robotics Competitions

Education packs

AI & IoT Creator
Add-on Pack

It contains 13 electronic modules and nine packs of accessories, serving the needs of creative programming classes, and AI & IoT projects.

AI & IoT Scientist
Add-on Pack

It contains 18 electronic modules and eight packs of accessories, serving the needs of creative programming classes, AI & IoT projects, and science exploration classes.

Tech Specs

Electronic Modules Energy & Communication Modules
Power, Bluetooth, IR Transceiver
Input Modules
Light Sensor, Ranging Sensor, PIR Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Sound Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Dual Color Sensor, Button, Soil Moisture Sensor, Joystick, Multi-touch, Motion Sensor, MQ2 Gas Sensor, Humiture Sensor, Flame Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, Angle Sensor, Slider, Smart Camera
Output Modules
Speaker, Motor Driver, Servo Driver, 8×16 Blue LED Matrix Module, LED Driver, RGB LED
Connection 4-pin connector
Transmission Cable/Bluetooth/IR communication
Compatibility Compatible with Makeblock products and other building bricks
Power 950mAh 3.7V
Battery Life 3 hours (There is a fluctuation of different combinations of modules.)
Charging Time 1.25 hours
Bluetooth Transmission Range 10 meters
Input/Output Voltage 5V
Input/Output Current Input<2A, Output: 1.5A
Dimensions 24 × 20 mm,24 × 24 mm,24 × 36 mm,24 × 72 mm,48 × 48 mm

1. Connecting less than 10 electronic modules for a project guarantees a better user experience. We will continue to upgrade the products’ performance.
2. The first release contains 30+ electronic modules. More are coming soon.
3. Based on results from the comparisons between mBuild and similar products on the market in September 2019.