Our Mission

Our business idea supports this vision by providing products of quality and value so that we can help people to turn their ideas into reality and to take education to the next level.

What is STEAM Education?

STEAM Education is an innovative educational approach with growing worldwide popularity. Differing from the traditional mono-discipline approach, STEAM Education features multiple disciplines, including science, technology, engineering, art and math. It encourages children to explore and solve real-life problems in the form of projects, thus enhancing their logical thinking, creativity, teamwork skills, and other abilities.

STEAM refers to science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

Makeblock and STEAM Education

Makeblock combines technology and education and lowers the overall threshold of creation by building a STEAM platform covering mechanics, electronics and software. We believe that in children’s basic education stage, the vastness of their knowledge is more important than the depth of their knowledge. At the same time, we should also focus more on the development of their abilities rather than the impartation of knowledge. Based on a combination of software and hardware, Makeblock helps children learn from practical usage of technical devices and thinking training so that they will fear no challenges in the future and grow up as individuals who have critical thinking skills and who are socially responsible.


Makeblock offers a selection of hardware products, including the Maker Platform for DIY creation, the mBot series robot kits for education, the modular and programmable flying robot Airblock, the programmable electronic building block platform Makeblock Neuron, and the edutainment robot Codey Rocky.

From single parts to hardware kits, Makeblock’s hardware products feature award-winning industrial design and accreditations from international education standard.


Makeblock has developed a series of programming suites for STEAM education. mBlock 5 is a powerful platform supporting block-based and text-based programming. Makeblock App is an all-in-1 controller for Makeblock robots offering a comprehensive robotics experience for beginners. Neuron App is a flow-based programming software with AI and IoT support, encouraging creations using Makeblock Neuron blocks.

Our easy-to-use software make coding interactive, easy and fun. To date, the total number of Makeblock software users exceeds 15 million and continues to grow.

Educational Resources

We provide Makeblock users with high-quality content for independent learning, educational use, and entertainment. You can find multilingual textbooks, videos and a variety of new and interesting use cases to help you get started with our products and rapidly advance your learning.


MakeX is a robotics competition platform that promotes multidisciplinary learning within the fields of science and technology, which is committed to inspiring young people to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, and apply such knowledge in solving real-world problems by engaging them in exciting Robotics Competition, STEAM Carnival, etc.